Our Library

Space to Think

The center of our daily lives is our library, both in terms of its key location at the north end of the plaza and its attraction as a gathering place for students and teachers. Strikingly beautiful and LEED certified, the building provides an inspirational environment that captures the natural daylight and allows for a variety of workspaces.

Students can gather to study together at group tables, work quietly in individual study carrels, relax to read newspapers or magazines, and roam the shelves to find books for research or pleasure reading. They can work on papers or access library data bases on one of the 40 desktop and laptop computers.  Private tutoring rooms are available for use throughout the day.  When the weather turns nice, students can enjoy spending time in our outdoor reading garden.

Prep’s library program is designed to serve students, faculty and staff. Its primary goals are to support and supplement the content of our diverse academic curriculum, aid in the development of interests, and enrich the student’s total educational experience.  Resources include a collection of nearly 13,000 titles (books, audio tapes, video tapes, CDs and DVDs) and direct access to more than 50,000 periodicals (in print and online). The library’s automated system gives access to information through online databases, e-books and the internet.

Formal library orientation is offered in the seventh grade.  Further exposure to additional resources are taught at all levels in conjunction with classroom assignments. We are committed to developing the skills and comfort levels necessary to access information that will serve our students well, across a wide spectrum of libraries and research needs.

The library staff is here to help you; all you have to do is ask.

Library Staff

Catherine McKenzie
Director of Library Services

Rebecca Allahyari
Assoc. Director of Library Services

Rebecca Healy
Library Assistant