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Service Learning

Leadership and Responsibility

Our Teen Action Program (TAP) strives to address real community needs while sparking in our students a commitment to education, leadership, social responsibility, and personal discovery.  Students, teachers, administrators, and parents engage in various projects at more than 40 agencies, school, and non-profit organizations throughout Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Prep students contribute over 16,000 hours of service to the community each year, and we are very proud of the quality and quantity of their work. The organizations we work with are equally impressed with our students and grateful for their commitment to community service.

Students gain an enriched sense of themselves and others through experiences that span different cultures, generations, economic levels, and environmental issues.  The goal is for students to further expand their understanding of societal issues by first identifying specific needs within the community and then designing projects that address these needs.

Student Commitment

All Prep students engage in multiple full-day service experiences with our service partners throughout the academic year, ranging from therapeutic practices, to beautification endeavors, to raising awareness around a cause that is special to them. These days of service are a planned part of Prep’s academic calendar.

Independent TAP Program

Over each students’ years at Prep, TAP asks for more independence and tenacity. That is why we allow and encourage our Seniors to consider Independent TAP Projects. Independent TAP requires requires students to take the initiative in designing, planning, and participating in an independent  service project that targets a need in our community. This takes more time than regular TAP and a great deal of maturity. The huge upside is that students may be able to tap into (pun intended!) areas in which they are passionate. We have emphasized that it is the student’s job to do research, phone calls, and of course, the application.

Another aspect of all TAP projects is the requirement for reporting and reflection each semester. It’s always gratifying to see how these reflections help students know more about themselves and their roles in their community.

TAP and service learning are a proud tradition, and a key part of a student’s Prep experience. We are proud of its legacy, and excited about its future.