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2020-2021 Annual Fund – Past Present / Possible
Our Annual Fund is the foundation of our fundraising efforts, allowing us to fulfill our mission to cultivate qualities of character, scholarship, and citizenship in our students. The Annual Fund provides critical resources for Prep’s most important priorities such as: providing a rigorous and exceptional curriculum for our students; hiring and retaining highly qualified faculty and staff; and ensuring accessibility to a wide range of families through a strong tuition assistance program resulting in an economically diverse community. This year, the Annual Fund will also pay for unplanned operating expenses that have arisen as a direct result of the pandemic. Some of these expenses include expanded software licenses to support our remote learning model, cameras and Chrome books to ensure every student has access to online classes, personal protective equipment and additional cleaning supplies, and the provision of tuition assistance to Prep students and families who have felt the financial impact of COVID-19.

We cannot do our vital work without you. Your gift to our Annual Fund celebrates the vision and commitment to those who have made Prep the school it is today, honors our place in the community of Santa Fe, and opens new worlds for every student. Thank you for believing in our school, our students, our faculty, and all that we are doing at Prep.

Please note that the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has introduced new opportunities for charitable contributions to nonprofit institutions. For individuals who itemize, the CARES Act allows deductions for cash donations of up to 100% of your 2020 adjusted gross income. Taxpayers who take the standard deduction rather than itemizing deductions can claim a charitable deduction of up to $300 for cash donations made in 2020.

Thank you so much for your support and love of Prep,

Pamela Emsden
Director of Advancement

Santa Fe Prep is a place where curiosity, creativity, and a sense of community grow. I have had the great joy of seeing Prep’s positive influence on the lives of my son and daughter many years ago, and now I watch as Prep enriches the lives of my grandsons. I love that the students are encouraged to question and strive in a variety of settings – from academics to athletics, from the arts to community involvement and service. The faculty and staff are talented and dedicated: strong role models for the students they so generously guide. Thank you, Prep!
8th grade & 12th Grandparent, 2020-2021

Our son loves being challenged and being around bright and energetic friends. He loves being important to his teachers. The individual care he receives from each of his teachers motivates him to do his best. These are reasons why he thrives at Prep. We give to the tuition assistance program to support helping other students who would love to come to Prep and have lots to contribute to the school but whose family can’t afford the tuition in full.
Middle School Parent, 2019-2020

I give to the Annual Fund every year with tuition assistance in mind. It is often said that tuition assistance offers those who might not have the opportunity of a Prep education, the opportunity they deserve. That is true, but it is also enriches the Prep community with a greater depth of experience, background, and perspective. We are a better school with this diversity.
Eric Rounds, Registrar/Director of Service and Environmental Learning

I have supported Prep’s Annual Fund every year since 2013. I make a gift every year because what I see every day is how teachers always put the students first and how they focus on every student here. It’s important for us to support tuition assistance so that students who want to be at Prep can have this care from teachers.
Joseph Gonzales, Maintenance Department