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Opening a World of Possibilities

The ceiling in the library at Santa Fe Prep looks like the arched pages of an open book or the curved wings of a bird in flight. Every day, you will find students, teachers, and visitors under this ceiling, reading, discussing, studying and opening their minds. Donations to Santa Fe Prep made this library possible, and they provide the resources that all independent schools need to make each day an adventure, an opportunity, a challenge and a reward.

The Annual Fund at Santa Fe Prep helps open the world to our students. Whether they cover the cost of a book or a tree, of teacher development or student tuition, whether the support grows our endowment, expands our campus, or comes as time volunteered, it makes a difference.

Donations to Santa Fe Prep are instrumental in creating an environment where leaders are born and confidence is resolute. These donations help ensure our teachers are excellent and classes remain small. More than 325 students are led each year by the faculty of Santa Fe Prep to push the boundaries of their knowledge. Together they question, debate and discover the world and their own possibilities.

Annual donations to Santa Fe Prep help students reach their greatest potential.

There are many ways to make your donation to Santa Fe Prep. Questions? Please contact the Director of Advancement Pamela Emsden at 505.795.7526.

Santa Fe Prep is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational institution and all contributions are tax-deductible according to IRS regulations. Santa Fe Prep’s tax ID is 85-0165745.

“…Prep has prepared each and every one of us to head out into the world with precious gifts: an incredibly rare and valuable education, a balanced and multifaceted perspective, a curiosity about the unknown, a willingness to be creative and a resolute confidence. With these gifts, I know I will always have the best time of my life.”

-Sabina Holloway, ‘09

“Now as my daughter begins to receive acceptance letters from the colleges she most wants to attend, I can say that it has truly been the best investment I have ever made.”
-Marc Bertram ’78

Quincy Brave Conway Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Quincy Brave Conway Memorial Scholarship Fund will be directed to students who embody the unique spirit of exploration and discovery that defined Quincy’s life. Click here to learn more about the Scholarship. If you would like to make a donation to Quincy’s fund, please contact Director of Advancement Pamela Emsden at 505.795.7526.