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Living in Santa Fe

If you were not born in northern New Mexico, you may not know that moving here would result in a daily feast for the senses, the mind, and the soul. Embraced by two mountain ranges—the Jemez Range to the west and the Sangre de Cristos to the east—opportunities abound for the many outdoor enthusiasts in Santa Fe. Over 250 mountain bike trails, some only minutes from the downtown Plaza, lead riders across meadows and into high alpine terrain. Hiking trails in the city, county, and nearby Santa Fe National Forest (2400 square miles) create access to some of the most beautiful views in the Mountain West. And the climate! Santa Fe averages 283 days of sunshine but also receives about 14 inches of rain annually—usually in a brief late afternoon summer showers—and almost two feet of snow each winter (with much more in the local mountains providing some outstanding skiing.) Click here to explore the Santa Fe lifestyle, and why USA Today rated Santa Fe as one of the top ten destinations for outdoor enthusiasts.

As the country’s oldest capital city (established in 1610), with Native American inhabitants tracing their heritage back almost a thousand years, and for centuries a crossroads for traders and adventurers, Santa Fe offers a mix of cultures and deep history available nowhere else in the country. With a population of 145,000 in the entire county, many of whom moved from elsewhere, Santa Fe “feels” small while offering world-class dining, fine and performing arts, skiing, golf, fly-fishing, and cycling. Over 100 art galleries, many along the famous Canyon Road, and internationally-recognized art museums together create an experience in the visual arts that is unmatched.  

And a rewarding lifestyle in Santa Fe can include providing your child an exceptional education at Santa Fe Prep.

Santa Fe Prep’s 33-acre campus reflects the history and natural beauty of Santa Fe. Our Meem Art Building was the original home and office of John Gaw Meem, the founder of the Spanish Pueblo Revival architectural style that has created Santa Fe’s unique look. With views from campus of nearby Atalaya and Picacho Peaks and Sun Mountain, as well as 50-mile views west to the Jemez Range, the school feels both closely-held and aspiring. Integrating the natural beauty, deep history, and distinct cultures into our rigorous college preparatory curriculum offers Santa Fe Prep students an unparalleled education and families a chance to live life deliberately.

Hear one family share their experience transitioning from a big city to a smaller community. Moving to Santa Fe, they found more time together in the outdoors, culture, art, and exceptional education for their two daughters.