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About Santa Fe Prep

For over 50 years, Santa Fe Prep has dedicated itself to opening a world of possibilities for our students, in the classroom and beyond. At Santa Fe Prep, we are dedicated to active discourse among teachers who love to teach and students who love to learn. You can see it on faces all across our campus: a sense of adventure, an aliveness of spirit, an awakened interest and curiosity. These are the foundation and the fruits of the Santa Fe Prep experience.

Vitality, commitment, curiosity, engagement, exploration and discovery—when you come to Prep, you are choosing an active education.

At Prep, our two highest commitments are to academic excellence and active citizenship. Our discussion-based learning encourages and stimulates an engaging exchange of knowledge and perspectives and the cultivation of skills and attitudes necessary for success in selective colleges and universities across the country and in life. Students participate fully in the life of the school as well as decisions that affect how we live and learn together.

Prep is a culturally vibrant and diverse community of students and educators who understand that learning takes place not just in the classroom but also in the richness of interaction, in the expansion of individual boundaries, and in the exploration and introduction of new interests, ideas and abilities.

With over 2,000 graduates empowered by the values and qualities inherent in our school, Prep ensures that each student will be challenged and encouraged, stretched and supported. Here on our 33-acre Santa Fe campus, surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the Southwest, we provide a vigorous and exciting education rich with social interaction, sports competition, the arts, and a long-standing commitment to service learning.

Call for A Visit

One of the best ways to discover if Prep is the right school for you is to come visit. We invite you to visit our beautiful 33 acre campus and see our students and faculty in action. Spend the day with a current student or schedule an individual tour. Engage with our community members and discover for yourself what makes Prep special! Call 505.795.7512 or email mlittle@sfprep.org to schedule a visit, we look forward to welcoming you to Prep! We are currently accepting applications for fall 2019. For admissions information, please click here.