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Parents as Partners

As parents, we have important choices to make about our children’s education. If you seek a dynamic educational experience, talented and committed faculty, and a safe and supportive environment, then your interest in Prep is well placed.

As you look through our website, I hope you will pay as much attention to the people as to the programs. Our diverse school community is populated by teachers and students who are curious and engaged, hopeful and ambitious. While a Prep experience demands much of everyone – in the classroom, on our fields and stage, in our art studios, through our community service program – we seek always to balance challenge with support.

Behind every successful Prep student stand a score of committed teachers and, we expect, a supportive and understanding family. It takes a united effort to create and sustain the Prep experience. We hope and expect that parents will be active partners in their child’s education, working together to build a school community that will nurture and challenge our children.