Applying to Prep

Santa Fe Preparatory School is committed to building an academically strong and diverse student body whose members demonstrate a variety of talents and interests. The Admissions Committee forms an overall impression of each candidate based on character, grades, test scores, teacher recommendations, special talents, and potential for personal and academic growth. Prep students must be able to handle a demanding college preparatory curriculum and are expected to maintain a positive attitude and be actively involved in the life of the school. 

Admissions Criteria

Prep supports many different types of learners and welcomes students from a wide variety of schools in and around Santa Fe and beyond. All students who thrive at Prep would likely point to a few common denominators: curiosity, hard work, eagerness to engage with others, and an active imagination. We encourage full participation in the life of the school and find that, as with most enterprises, those who give the most also receive the most valuable returns.

If you are ready to apply now, please click here for our Online Application.

If you are not yet ready to apply, or would like to receive admissions information, please fill out our Inquiry Form or give us a call, at 505.795.7518, to schedule an appointment.

Transcripts and Recommendations

Please give the transcript release form to the front desk or registrar at the prospective student’s current school. Recommendation forms go to the student’s English and math teachers. These forms are available as printable PDFs and as digital forms. Optionally, you may submit one additional reference, in letter format, from a former teacher or another adult (tutor, coach, etc) who knows the student well. All forms should be completed and returned to Santa Fe Prep by the recommenders. Be sure to thank each person who writes on your behalf.  


A personal interview is a required part of the admissions process that gives the prospective student a chance to tell us about him/herself. This year, interviews will be conducted via Zoom and last about 20 minutes. We will reach out to schedule an interview once the online application and Student Personal Statement have been submitted.

Math Assessment Test

All candidates will take a math assessment test, designed to identify their strengths and challenges in math. Results of this test may also be used for placement purposes for enrolled students. The test lasts approximately one hour, and results are confidential. We are currently planning to administer testing in-person in small groups on the dates listed to the right. More information about procedures will be given to applicants as these dates approach.

Student Chats (optional)

Student chats are a chance for prospective students to hear from current Prep students and ask any questions. These small, casual conversations will be held over Zoom and are meant to mimic the lunch table conversation during a visit day. Student chats are open to applicants who have submitted the online application.       

Parent Conversations (optional)

Parent conversations are an opportunity for parents to ask questions of Prep administrators, teachers, current parents, and students. These conversations will be held virtually and are open to parents of applicants who have submitted the online application.


All candidates who have completed the admissions process (application, transcripts, English and math teacher recommendations, family meeting, student interview, and math assessment test) will be notified by mail about their admission status two weeks after the application deadline. 


Santa Fe Preparatory School admits qualified students of both sexes, irrespective of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. All students are afforded the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to Prep students. The School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or disability in the administration of its educational program, admissions, scholarship, athletic or other school policies.



Admissions Team

Mary Little, Director of Admissions

Summar Aubrey, Associate Director of Admissions

Admissions Timeline

Admissions Season Opens
October 1, 2020

Virtual Open Houses
Friday, October 23, 4-5:30
Thursday, November 19, 4-5:30
Thursday, January 14, 4-5:30

Small Group Campus Tours
Saturday, October 3
Saturday, October 24
Saturday, November 14

Virtual Student Chats
Tuesday, October 13 4-5
Thursday, November 12, 4-5
Thursday, December 10, 4-5

Virtual Parent Conversations
Tuesday, December 1, 5-6
Monday, January 25, 5-6

Math Assessment Testing
Saturday, January 30, 11-12
Thursday, February 11, 4-5
Saturday, February 20, 11-12
Thursday, February 25, 4-5

Admission and Tuition Assistance Applications Due
February 26, 2021

Admission and Tuition Assistance Notifications Sent
March 12, 2021

Applications received after the deadline will be considered on an individual basis as space permits.