Our Mission

Santa Fe Prep has a long and distinguished athletic history. The young men and women who attend Prep learn a great deal about themselves through their athletic participation. Prep values the athletic experience and the benefits it produces from our students. The concepts of team work, unselfishness, hard work toward a common goal, and perseverance are invaluable lessons that our graduates carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Prep’s coaches are experienced, and most importantly, they love to coach. Athletics is an extension of the classroom, and our coaches are also teachers on the athletic fields. They prepare student-athletes on their teams for the difficulties and hardships they will face in a season, providing them with the guidance and preparation they will need to succeed.

Prep coaches have a tremendous ability to make the average athlete better, and the better athlete greater. The reason for this is simple: our coaches spend the extra time with our athletes before and after practice. Prep produces Division I-III athletes, and we are just as proud of our athletes who will never play on a team after Prep.

Prep has nineteen varsity athletic teams and participates in over 300 contests; we create plenty of opportunities to explore a variety of athletic challenges. Many of our students will participate in sports that have never been play before and succeed at them. They come to Prep with little or no experience in a sport, and by the time they graduate, they may have earned All-Conference honors.

Middle School Athletics

Santa Fe Prep’s middle school sports teams welcome all participants and students are encouraged to join regardless of ability. Prep offers a variety of sports during our three seasons (fall, winter, and spring) from which students can choose to participate: cross country, coed soccer, girls volleyball, golf, tennis, fencing, basketball, swimming, and baseball. There is a three-practice rule per week to help reduce both physical and expectational stress on our students and to ensure they are finding balance with academics, sports, and family life.

Prep is a member of the APIAL (Albuquerque Parochial and Independent (Schools) Athletic League) where members are located in and around Albuquerque. The league’s mission is to promote the academic and physical welfare of its youth, as well as good sportsmanship and fair play through all activities sponsored by APIAL. Our goal with Middle School Athletics is to offer opportunities for our students to learn sustainable life lessons, create lasting friendships, and discover new skills and abilities. We aim to provide your child with the best possible experience in our sports programs!

If you have any questions concerning Prep or our athletic programs, please contact Middle School Athletics Director Dave Caldwell.