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Student Support

The well-being of our students and the health of our community are priorities at Santa Fe Prep. Our school sees itself as existing in partnership with our families, students, and the larger community, engaged in a continuous conversation about our children’s intellectual, social, and emotional development. Prep’s programming allows our students to access and explore the world around them with confidence, curiosity, compassion, and care. We provide services built into our programs and available to students and families as needed to support these objectives.

Mental Health Counseling Services

Santa Fe Prep recognizes the value of social, emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal health as integral to our approach to campus-wide wellness and student support. The current on-campus mental health counseling program has many components including, but not limited to: individual and family short-term counseling, prevention and early intervention services, crisis intervention, mediation, facilitation of support groups, referral and liaison services, psycho-educational curriculum development and instruction, facilitation of student leadership and affinity groups, collaboration with Parents’ Association, faculty support and consultation, and allyship and advocacy with and for the school community. 

School Counselor Juli Bray-Morris provides confidential school counseling services to our students via student requests, identified needs, and referrals. When indicated, our school counselor may offer family consultation, care coordination, and referrals to counseling services outside of school. In addition to individual services, our school counselor coordinates student forums and parent education to provide community resources and training regarding various age-appropriate and socially salient topics to our community.

Learning Services

Santa Fe Prep appreciates and supports diversity among our students. Learning Services assists students’ academic needs while supporting the school mission that all students meet their highest potential within our mission to provide a college preparatory education and help all students meet the highest standards.

Some students are admitted to Prep with diagnosed learning differences and receive services upon admission to Prep and others enter Learning Services through our referral process. Referrals to the school learning specialists may come from teachers, parents, or the student. Before making a referral for a complete diagnostic evaluation, the learning specialist may conduct a screening that can include classroom observations, evaluation of samples of written work, and conversations with teachers, parents, and the student. As part of the screening, we may suggest that teachers try accommodations on a trial basis before testing.

Accommodations are implemented when an approved psycho-educational evaluation report (completed within the last five years by a licensed diagnostician) is submitted to the school. The learning specialists provide a summary of the information from the educational diagnostic report to the student’s teachers, advisor, and division head. The expectation is that parents collaborate with the school to implement the recommended accommodations. Every accommodation on the part of the school carries with it the expectation that students are responsible for their learning.