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Voices of Prep

By encouraging each student’s growth within a challenging and supportive academic environment, Prep inspires a deeper enthusiasm for learning. Hear what our community members say about their Prep experience.

What Our Teachers Say:

What Our Parents Say

What Our Middle School Students Say

What Our Upper School Students Say:

“The cool thing about Prep is that we give students tools that they will go on to use for a lifetime. Importance is placed not only on the content of classes, but on mastering the skills necessary to be a lifelong learner. In doing so, our students learn how to be active and engaged participants in the wide world around them.” – Jebb Norton, History.


“Two of my favorite ways to pass a day—reading and writing—I get to do with young people, all day, every day. My mind and soul crack open, and I am grateful.” Sarah Stark, English


“Prep students are without a doubt tremendously well-prepared. But what really astounds me is their ability to make things happen! Of course, our students believe in themselves, but what sets Prep students apart is truly knowing they can have an impact and doing so with absolute determination.”
Kendel Fesenmyer, Director of Studies


“Learning is what happens when curiosity meets knowledge.”  Chris Chakeres,
Head of Middle School


“The best thing about teaching at Prep is the enthusiasm of our students. Classes are filled with students open and willing to participate in activities, and who respect each other’s work.”   Brad Fairbanks, Performing Arts Chair

“Quantum Learning (an education system) teaches that ‘Failure leads to Success’. It teaches us what doesn’t work. True to that point, Edison found 1,000 ways how not to make a light bulb. So, it is okay to try and fail and try and fail again, but it is not okay to try and fail and fail to try again!”   Jocelyne Comstock,  Physics


“During a recent student-led Honors English discussions, I listened to 18 juniors/seniors who I hadn’t taught since 9th grade. Their depth of analysis and quality of articulation deeply impressed me.  It was a great testimony to the teaching going on at Prep.”  Liz Friary, English