From The Head’s Desk

True story: chat GPT and I got in a fight the other day.  I didn’t start it.  I pasted in a student’s paper and asked Chat GPT if it wrote it. It replied… Read More

Portrait of a Graduate

Because the Portrait of a Graduate work yielded such a rich array of data and feedback, the committee also identified five core values that we … Read More

Visiting Prep

We know one of the best ways to discover if Prep is the right school for you is to come visit. Starting in October, we are hosting small group… Read More

Featured Stories

September 11, 2023

Parent Open House

We look forward to welcoming all Santa Fe Prep parents and guardians to campus on Saturday, September 30, for Parent Open House! One of our favorite events of the year, parents will experience a day in the life of school at Prep!
August 16, 2023

Emery Kurth ’24 Wants To Raise Awareness About Protecting The Santa Fe River

In Prep’s AP Environmental Science course, students examine environmental problems and outcomes both in general terms and in the greater Santa Fe area, collecting data …
August 1, 2023

SFP Adopts Section Of The CDT Trail As A Part Of Service Learning

In an effort to combine outdoor education with service learning, Santa Fe Prep adopted a 7-mile stretch of the Continental Divide Trail in 2021. Prep’s stretch is in the Chama […]


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