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Members of the class of 2022 – Brennand Field is a fitting place to celebrate your accomplishments and graduation from Prep. … Read More

Step Inside Prep

STEP INSIDE PREP and discover how life at Prep is full of movement and positive action. In this short video, you’ll hear the excitement in their voices… Read More

Visiting Prep

We know one of the best ways to discover if Prep is the right school for you is to come visit. Starting in October, we are hosting small group… Read More

Featured Stories

September 28, 2022

Admissions Open House

Admissions Open House is on Friday, October 21. Our program is designed to give prospective students and their families a glimpse of our school’s many offerings. Come spend the afternoon with our faculty and students, experience our classes, and […]
August 31, 2022

Parent Open House

We look forward to welcoming all Santa Fe Prep parents to campus on Saturday, September 24 for Parent Open House! 
June 17, 2022

Alums Return For All-Class Reunion

Santa Fe Prep celebrated its first all-class alumni reunion gathering! On June 4, members of Santa Fe Prep classes ranging from 1967 to 2017 returned to Prep to participate in campus tours…


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