What We Do Best

Below are several highlights of Prep’s exceptional College Counseling program.

We Know Our Students!

The assigned college counselor writes a detailed recommendation that is a fully researched biography, telling the unique story of each senior. We begin formal meetings with juniors and their parents in January and continue to meet individually with students and parents on different aspects of the process: visiting colleges, determining what is a good fit, creating a list of schools to apply to, guidance on testing, editing and advice on applications, and much more.

We Work With Our Students To Get It Done!

Juniors and seniors have scheduled class time with college counselors to do college research and work on applications.

Team Approach

Prep has two college counselors for approximately 50 students. We work very closely together and meet with the head of the upper school once a week to discuss students and their college process.

Test Prep

Practice tests and test prep for ACT and SAT are offered at school starting sophomore year. We also provide resources for individual tutoring for all standardized tests.


We train students and parents in how to use this cutting edge program to research colleges, assess the selectivity of a college within the context of each individual student, and manage their applications.

Admission Reps Visits

Over 100 college admissions representatives visit Prep every fall to meet our students. It is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the schools they are considering. It is also a time for students to establish a relationship with the representative who will most likely be the first reader of their application.

Financial Aid Guidance

We hold a financial aid information night every year with the Director of Financial Aid from a college or university to provide an overview of the process and answer questions. We also guide parents in asking the right questions about aid and then give them resources for filling out complicated forms, getting advice on financial planning, and finding merit scholarships. In early October we host a FAFSA completion night and in early November we host a workshop to help families complete the CSS profile (the financial aid application required by most private colleges).

Junior College Night

Every year we bring in a Director of Admissions to talk with parents and juniors about the college admissions process. It is a combination of helpful advice, information on the latest trends, good humor, and a healthy dose of perspective on an increasingly anxiety driven process.

Annual Case Studies Event with College Reps

We invite up to twenty college admissions reps to visit Santa Fe Prep in April to read real applications with students and parents. Participants will be split into 5-6 admissions committees with 2-3 college reps per committee, guiding them through the process of evaluating “the fit” of the sample applications. Accepting, Denying, and Wait Listing applicants introduces students and parents to the different parts of an application, how each is weighed, and how those priorities differ among colleges and universities.