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Middle School (7-8)

A Safe Place to Grow and Learn

Nurturing a student’s natural love of learning in a supportive and safe environment is the guiding principle of our Middle School. Our teachers and administrators work side-by-side with students, supporting their intellectual and emotional growth with a challenging and developmentally appropriate curriculum of interactive, exploratory, and value-based experiences that encourage self-expression, creative thinking, and problem-solving.

Sequence of Courses

The standard course load consists of five academic courses, physical education, and an elective. Electives vary yearly but have included: Ceramics, 3D Studio Art, Acting, Instrumental Music, Musical Theater, Robotics, and Computer Science.

CourseMinimum Requirements
EnglishTwo Years
HistoryTwo Years (New Mexico History/Global Studies)
ScienceTwo Years
MathematicsTwo Years
LanguageTwo Years (Latin/Spanish)
Physical EducationTwo Years
Community ServiceTwo Years
7th and 8th Grade Life SkillsTwo Semesters

SFP SBA Non-Discrimination Compliance Policy (Middle School)