Middle School (7-8)

A Safe Place to Grow and Learn

Nurturing a child’s natural love of learning in a supportive and safe environment is the guiding principle of our middle school. Much like an extended family, our teachers and administrators work side by side with students, supporting their intellectual and emotional growth with a challenging and developmentally appropriate curriculum of interactive, exploratory, and value-based experiences that encourage self-expression and creative thinking.

Sequence of Courses

The standard course load consists of five academic or “core” courses, physical education, an elective, and community service.

Course Minimum Requirements
English Two Years
History Two Years (New Mexico History/Global Studies)
Science Two Years
Mathematics Two Years
Language Two Years (Latin/Spanish)
Physical Education Two Years
Community Service Two Years
7th and 8th Grade Life Skills Two Semesters

Electives vary from year to year, but have included: Contemporary Visual Art, Ceramics, 3D Studio Art, Acting, Instrumental Music, Musical Theater, Robotics and Computer Science.

SFP SBA Non-Discrimination Compliance Policy (Middle School)