Booster Club

The Santa Fe Prep Athletic Booster Club (Booster Club) is an Independent Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization supporting Prep Athletics.

Approximately 80% of all students at Santa Fe Prep participate in at least 1 sport (upper school as well as middle school). The Booster Club is one of many important ways you can get involved in your child’s time at Prep & help foster school spirit.

Each year, the Booster Club is tasked with raising a large percentage of funds that our athletic programs need to remain vibrant and robust. We fund athletic activities that would otherwise have to be paid for from the general funds of the school or by individual families.

Booster Club Financial Support Of Prep Athletics

Booster Club support of prep athletes, coaches, and facilities is multifaceted.  Some of the ways the Boosters have supported our school include:

Prep Athletics/Community Contributions 

Recent Booster Club contributions have included:

Year    Contribution    Project

2013    $100,000       Sun Mountain Field

2017    $9,200           New Activity Bus

2018    $6,400          Weight Room Upgrades

2019    $12,000        Gymnasium Upgrades

2020    $20,000        Adesso Archives (SFP Athletic Boards)

Financial Assistance 

The Booster Club makes funds available to any student athlete unable to pay for out-of-pocket expenses (i.e. uniforms, equipment, travel, etc).

Athletic Equipment & Team Uniforms

The Booster Club has ensured that all athletes have proper team uniforms.

Professional Development 

The Booster Club is dedicated to supporting our coaches by contributing funds for professional development, training, education, travel expenses and financial aid.

Booster Club Fundraising

The Booster Club raises funds in three main ways:

  1. Annual Membership Drive
  2. Booster Bash (TBD)
  3. Gate receipts for all junior varsity and varsity games held in the gym for any sport

The Booster Club is committed to ensuring Santa Fe Prep offers amazing athletic options for each and every student, and that all our athletes and coaches are fully supported. Please consider joining the Booster Club so we can continue to provide the best opportunities for our students to develop and showcase their best selves! Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has presented to our fundraising efforts, the Boosters have pledged a significant gift to the Prep Athletic department for the 2021-2022 school year.

Booster Club Membership Categories 

$2,500 Booster Life: Provides lifetime membership for member couple and immediate family. Names on plaque in gum lobby and 2 premium swag items along with our eternal gratitude for being lifetime members.

$500 El Patron: All benefits of family/individual memberships and choice of 2 swag items.

$125 Blue Sponsor: All benefits of family/individual membership and choice of 1 swag item.

$75 Family Membership: Free admission for immediate family members to all SFP Home games (excludes NMAA Tournaments).

$50 Individual Membership: Free admission for one member to all SFP Home games (excludes NMAA Tournaments).

Business/Corporate Sponsorships

$2,500: Gold Level Sponsorship: Single business name and logo displayed on a 4x6ft banner in the gym for one year

$1,000 Silver Sponsorship: Business name and logo displayed (with one other logo) on a 4x6ft banner in gym for one year







Interested in Volunteering for Booster Events?
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Interested in Volunteering for Booster Events?
List of Names on Sponsorship:
Enter Your Email & Cell Phone:

Booster Board
Rebecca Bair, President
Kurt Gilbert, Vice-President
Jenny Parks, Treasurer
Kristin Gasteazoro, Secretary
Cameron Anderson
Dustin Belyeu
Andrea Ferjancic
Kristin Gasteazoro
Kurt Gilbert
Debra Gonzales
Sean Healy
Jay Heneghan
Justin Kaufman
Alexandra Ladd
Ocean Munds-Dry
Bobby Stranahan
Christie Weischel

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