Booster Club

Boostergate (21)a - 480

The Santa Fe Prep Booster Club is a non-profit charitable organization developed to support and promote the athletic program at Santa Fe Preparatory School.  Our goals are to:

– Encourage good sportsmanship both on the field and in the greater Santa Fe Community.

– Assist and augment the development, training, education and financial aid of athletes and coaches.

– Provide additional equipment for the athletes and our sports facility.

– Supplement travel expenses for athletes and coaches.

Each year the Booster Club recognizes and awards those student athletes who have been outstanding in their academic achievements while participating in two or more sports at the varsity level during junior and senior years.

Over 80 percent of our students participate in at least one sport, and we hope to have the support and involvement of every student athlete’s family.  To join, simply click on the link below and print out the membership form.  Instructions for submission are at the bottom of the form.

Santa Fe Prep’s Booster Club President Tom Hnasko. For more information, contact Athletic Director Todd Kurth.