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Adesso Archives

The Adesso Archives of the Santa Fe Preparatory School serves as the institutional memory of the school and provides information and support to the Santa Fe Prep community. The Archives collects, preserves and makes accessible the primary source materials of enduring value that document Santa Fe Prep’s history and organization from its beginning in 1961 to the present.

Our collection includes student and school publications, photographs, oral histories, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, curricula, event programs, video recordings, athletic history, and more.

We are proud of the support of the Adesso Archives project at Santa Fe Preparatory School. Already thousands of documents, audiovisual elements, textiles and memorabilia, and other items from our nearly 60-year history have been cataloged and preserved.

Early Santa Fe Prep Memorabilia

Athlete of the Year Award Plaque

Starting in 1969, two athletes (male and female) were chosen as athlete of the year by the Athletic Department.

Elrington Bell

General and Peggy Elrington brought this 16th-century bell, La Dona de Mexico, from Mexico to Prep in 1972. We now ring it to begin the school year and to celebrate the end of the school year.


This Sisyphus sculpture could be found in Bob Kurth’s office—a metaphor for the way some students may have felt in Bob’s Humanities class.


Over the years Santa Fe Prep has had several signs to welcome students, families, and guests to our campus. This sign for Santa Fe Prep from the mid-1970s hangs in our archives!

Cottonwood Tree on Brennand Field

General Elrington and Fred Maas (1969-2010 SFP faculty) planted this “broomstick of a tree” in 1976. No one thought it would grow so magnificently.

Firsts at Santa Fe Prep

1962 Headmaster
1963 Headmaster on Campus
1963 Day of School
1963 Skirmisher
1963 Soccer and Swimming Teams
1964 Ski Team
1964 Student Council
1964 Cheerleading Squad
1964 Student Play Written and Performed
1964 Weekly Ski Program
1964 Political Article in the Skirmisher
1964 Model UN and Debate Club
1967 Graduating Class and Yearbook
1968 School Name Chosen
1969 7th Grade Class to Graduate
1969 Humanities Class
1969 Variety Show
1970 Headmaster on Cruz Blanca Campus
1970 Kent Denver/SFP Field Hockey
1973 State Field Hockey Championship
1974 State Boys Soccer Championship
1975 Year US and MS on Cruz Blanca Campus
1977 State Track Championship
1981 Terry Fox/Dan Maas Run
1981 Season in the New Gym
1981 Mascot (Blue Griffin)
1988 TAP (Teen Action Program)
1988 Booster Club Established
1991 Faculty Literary Reading
1995 Elastic Babble (US student reading)
1996 State Girls Soccer Championship
1996 OOOM (MS student reading)
2001 SIP (Student Independent Project)
2004 Breakthrough Class on Campus
2006 Gold-Certified LEED Building in NM (SFP Library)
2010 State Dance Championship
2013 State Girls Lacrosse Championship
2014 State Boys Lacrosse Championship
2019 State Swimming Championship

Adesso Archive Artifacts

If you have any pieces in your personal collection that you’d like to donate to us for this project, we will gratefully accept them, and ensure that they are well cared for and properly maintained.

While we are interested in any items that you’d like to donate to the Adesso Archives, we are especially seeking the following:

  • Griffin and Phoenix newspapers and clippings
  • Skirmisher publications
  • Syllabi, event programs, and certificates
  • Photos of school life
  • TAP photos and documentation
  • Items from Prep’s original campus on Canyon Road
  • Documentation of early student life
  • Clothing, banners, textiles, or other physical memorabilia

Any applicable tax documentation and gift acceptance acknowledgments will be provided upon your request. Please contact us at info@sfprep.org