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College Counseling

Pairing Passion with Programs

Preparing our students for success in college and beyond is at the heart of our program.  This preparation crosses all disciplines and activities, with an emphasis on creating life-long learners who are the architects of their own education.  The many experiences offered to our students play a part in this preparation: a renowned arts program, AP and honors classes, service learning that leads students to understand and provide solutions to pressing social issues, a strong athletic program, and most importantly, an academic environment that produces critical thinkers, effective writers, and deep and lasting relationships between faculty and students.

In college counseling, our mission is to guide students through the many choices available after high school, including gap year options, and find a college environment where each student will flourish.  Through a highly individualized process of one-on-one meetings and interviews, we work with each student and his or her family to create a list of criteria for colleges that will be a good fit personally and financially; we then guide students through the research process and help them navigate the various requirements for applying. Through these meetings and our college counseling classes, our goal is to reduce stress and give students a sense of control and confidence. As a result of this personalized approach, our students have many choices and attend a variety of schools, from large urban universities to small, rural liberal arts colleges, both in state and around the country.

College admissions is an exciting time of self-discovery and exploration.  Please don’t hesitate to visit our offices downstairs in the library, or just send us an email. We’re here to help!

What’s NEWS In College Counseling?

Please see below for a selection of resources in the media on different segments of the college process that we hope you find add a helpful perspective:

“Lord of the Rankings” Revisionist History

“How College Sold Its Soul To The Market”Harper’s Magazine

“Where You Go is Not Who You”ll Be” – Read the introduction to Frank Bruni’s book, a welcome antidote to college admissions mania. There is also a recorded NPR interview with the author.