Senior Year

Senior Internship Program (SIP)

At many junctures in their education at Prep, students are asked to put their knowledge to use, but it is in their senior year, as apprentices in the workplace, that they are given a formal opportunity to apply what they’ve learned. The Senior Internship Program, which began in the 2001-2002 school year, provides seniors with a culminating experience at the conclusion of their high school careers.

SIP, as it is affectionately called, draws together the skills and passions students have developed at Prep. Seniors finish regular classes about a month before the end of their last semester and embark on self-designed internships to complete the last four weeks of the academic year. The internships are intended to provide seniors with the opportunity to explore in depth a passion, talent, or special area of interest while providing real-life experience. Internship sites vary widely from year to year.  They have included mentorships at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, The New Mexican, and even local automotive garages. Students are expected to demonstrate independence, initiative, and personal responsibility as they plan and execute their internships.

At a time when seniors are looking to new horizons, SIP keeps students firmly grounded by asking them to pen the final chapter of their high school education.  It is an opportunity unique to our school and surely a capstone to the Prep experience.