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Our Campus

An Engaging Educational Landscape

With the scenic Sangre de Cristo mountains as a backdrop, Prep’s campus encompasses 33 acres in Santa Fe’s historic east side. The open atmosphere promoted by the school’s architecture and enjoyed by our students and faculty makes the campus an idyllic and inspiring setting for all forms of learning.

Both middle and upper schools feature an outdoor quad where students and faculty gather and cross paths many times each day. The quads offer spectacular views of Santa Fe, the larger community that allows Prep’s inclusive culture to flourish. Our historic Meem Art Building (1930’s original construction; most recent renovation 2013) is the original home of noted architect John Gaw Meem and includes studios for ceramics, drawing and painting, and photography, feeding the creative energies of our students. Our two athletic fields–Brennand Field and Sun Mountain Field offer two of the finest natural grass fields in all of New Mexico.

Upon completion of the planned renovations of classrooms in both quads, every square foot of the campus has been built or renovated since 1996.

Living Responsibly

Our library, completed in 2006 and the first ground-up construction in New Mexico to receive LEED gold status (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), challenges us to live responsibly. Our library is nothing less than an act of faith that schools can help change the world for the better—an assertion that we can trust the future and the younger generations who will inhabit it. Prep is committed to teaching and acting in ways that promote sustainability. Thanks to a forward-thinking anonymous donor, Prep installed solar panels on most of the school’s rooftops in 2017-18 and has since reduced our electricity costs by 40%.

Our students recycle plastic, paper, and cardboard on a weekly basis; we’ve installed bottle refilling drinking fountains, and we continually seek ways to minimize our environmental impact. The School’s commitment to sustainability will unfold, both in the classroom and beyond, as we strive to engender values that can help us all live responsibly.