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What Our Parents Are Saying


Thanks for your continued efforts to bring both normalcy and magic to the middle school.  -7th & 9th Grade Parent, December 12

Santa Fe Prep is a place where curiosity, creativity, and a sense of community grow. I have had the great joy of seeing Prep’s positive influence on the lives of my son and daughter many years ago, and now I watch as Prep enriches the lives of my grandsons. I love that the students are encouraged to question and strive in a variety of settings – from academics to athletics, from the arts to community involvement and service. The faculty and staff are talented and dedicated: strong role models for the students they so generously guide. Thank you, Prep! 
-8th & 12th Grade Grandparent, November 20

I have two children currently at Prep. My first child entered Santa Fe Prep in middle school four years ago, and I’ve watched him thrive in those years. He’s excited to be in class and rises up to the level expected of him from each teacher. My second child entered Prep this fall as a 7th grader. I was worried about the online schooling and how that would go, given the difficulties he experienced last spring with the process. The teachers have been so creative and responsive to these difficult online teaching parameters and have helped him feel welcome and part of the community despite his knowing very few people. Yes, there have been and will continue to be some challenges.  But the growth both my children have shown at Prep, has blown me away. I’m thankful for the dedication of the teachers and the amazing job they do with our children everyday! 
-7th & 10th Grade Parent, November 17

We are a new Santa Fe Prep family, having moved from Southern California during the middle of the Pandemic. We picked a tough time to transition ourselves, but the strong, supportive community at Prep has been profoundly helpful. The Prep leadership and staff has managed extremely well with consistent communication, flexibility and a focus on keeping the community strong – a difficult set of tasks under any circumstances. And our daughter is finding the learning appropriately challenging and (mostly!) manageable through remote delivery, something we were initially very anxious about. 
-8th Grade Parent, October 19

We really enjoyed the Parent Open House on Saturday. You guys are all doing such a spectacularly impressive job of making the remote experience work well, and it was fun to get a peek into our son’s school day. I was impressed with the level of critical thinking skills and creative problem solving that each of the teachers employed. Our son is really enjoying his classes (both academically and socially), and even with the challenges of a remote social life, he is managing to form some nice friendships with his classmates.
-10th Grade Parent, September 28

My wife and I attended the Virtual Parent Open House on Saturday, and the entire Santa Fe Prep team did an amazing job on this virtual event.  We continue to be impressed by the professionalism of the Santa Fe Prep team, and the quality of the education our son is receiving there at Prep. This morning I said if he has to go to any school remotely for the entire year, I am just so thankful that he is going to Santa Fe Prep.  Kudos to the Santa Fe Prep team for the great job you are doing, in spite of all the remote-learning challenges.  We do hope someday soon we can transition to the hybrid education model, and we know you and the staff at Santa Fe Prep  are working hard to make this happen. Thanks again to everyone at Prep for the great job you are doing! Go Griffins!
-7th Grade Parent, September 27

I wanted to share my gratitude for SFP’s online remote learning program. I think that the faculty and staff have been remarkably responsive and nimble in creating and managing the program. Also we appreciate the Day X suggestions, specifically the service options, and hope we can participate as a family in many of these activities.
Thank you SFP for all you do to make this stressful and uncertain time substantially more reassuring and comforting for our family.  -10th & 11th Grade Parent, April 12

I would like for the entire Prep team to know that this is the best team in the country.  Your hard work, dedication, flexibility and commitment to our kids shine brightly in what could feel like some dark times. You are all extraordinary and you are valued more than you could ever know. You haven’t missed a beat in getting schooling going and re-engaging our kids after a Spring Break that changed the world.  Please know that every minute of every day there is an entire community that sleeps better and feels better in mind, body and soul because of each and every one of you. 
-7th & 9th Grade Parent, April 9

You all are the best! Thank you to the wonderful Prep community for providing solid ground during these unsteady times
-11th Grade Parent, April 9

I wanted to give you and the Prep team a huge “Thank You” for keeping this thing on the rails. The rhythm and structure that having school and some responsibility and accountability provides has been a game changer for the mood of both of my boys!! Keep on fighting the good fight! 
-10th Grade Parent, April 8

I have to say, with your leadership and Prep’s amazing faculty and staff, Prep is managing this unsettling moment impressively well. We say this often, but never more so than now: we are so happy that our daughter is part of this school community. Thank you for all you do! 
-10th Grade Parent, April 6

There are way too many messages and, well, way too much generally these days … so, sorry to add. But, I feel compelled to take a beat out of your today to appreciate what the two of you and everyone around you are doing. I suppose we discover who and what we truly are in moments like these and words fail to describe how impressively you, your staff, faculty and community have responded. Thank you captains, our captains … 
-11th Grade Parent, April 3

I am so impressed by how you, along with the faculty and staff, have managed to pivot so well. So Gumby!!! Thank you for inspiring confidence, reinforcing and building community, and showing wonderful leadership in these unfathomable times. 
I also wanted to say that I really appreciate that you’re revisiting the schedule as time goes by and are actively looking at what is working, how to develop capacity to learn and how the kids relationship with this type of learning will be evolving over the coming weeks. This is more about you, the faculty and administration – There have been several pieces lately on what is a realistic approach to productivity, personal expectations and the need to process the overwhelming extent of this situation. There is so much for all of us to process from the professional to the personal, from core values, purpose and process to practical functioning both short- and long-term. And to that end, I greatly appreciate the creation of Wednesday’s Day Pausa – very thoughtful! And lastly, tremendous thank you.  -8th Grade Parent, April 2

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how incredibly impressed we are with Prep’s response to these challenging times. Huge thanks and kudos to the entire team that pivoted to an online teaching format in such a short time. You and your team truly have accomplished amazing things to keep continuity of the learning experience and sense of community alive and well at Prep. 
We are very grateful for the talented and committed group of professionals at Prep!  -7th Grade Parent, March 30

Thank you for all your hard work in responding to our present challenges. You have led the way with tremendous optimism, good humor and creativity. 
I hope you will communicate to the faculty our gratitude for their generosity of spirit, especially in not shifting the burden of getting through the year to already stressed teenagers. By keeping online “class time” limited and assigning homework in moderation, teachers are respecting the reality that, just as the school has had to pivot quickly, so has every single family and student in it. There is not a student within the Prep community who isn’t feeling those challenges. We appreciate the way teachers seem to understand and respect that. We hope the school will continue to move in the direction of keeping video conferencing to a minimum. I am nearly insane with sitting in front of a computer in my work. Thank you again. During this time, we have actually loved getting to know our son again— he’s a pretty cool dude.  -11th Grade Parent, March 30

We just wanted you to know how very satisfied and thankful we are for your leadership and hard work as well as the hard work and expertise of the MS faculty. These are crazy times and you have all responded in remarkable fashion to continue to provide an excellent educational experience to Prep students. 
We so appreciate how quickly and thoroughly Prep ramped up to transform into a distance learning school! We are sure the faculty and administration have been working overtime to make it all work. Thank you all for your dedication, innovation and responsiveness. We are continually impressed by and grateful for Prep. We see you and the countless hours you are all putting in and we thank you.  -7th Grade Parent, March 27

Very moving testimony to the strength and nimbleness of our SF Prep family.
Stay safe, strong and sane during these momentous times. We join you in your commendations to the faculty, staff, and community of SF Prep.  -10th & 11th Grade Parent, March 25

We were just talking about how incredibly fortunate we feel to have our son at Prep. The way you have handled this transition to virtual school is just another example in a loooooooonnnnngggg list of all of the ways that you inspire us by your leadership, fortitude, compassion, and vision. Thank you will never cut it – but THANK YOU. We will be forever grateful to you. 
-7th Grade Parent, March 25

Thank you so much for everything – I appreciate your leadership and that of the Prep staff and faculty. If I can be of service, please feel free to call on me! I bet it’s hard not seeing all the youth…Strange times, but no doubt we will come out stronger and more loving as a whole as a result. I fully believe. 
-11th Grade Parent, March 25