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Applying for Assistance

Santa Fe Prep’s tuition assistance program is designed to make a Prep education possible for as many students as possible based on demonstrated financial need and the availability of funds. Beginning with the 2025-26 school year, Santa Fe Prep will be partnering with Clarity to determine a family’s level of financial need based on the information that families share in the application, which includes assets, income, expenses, and debts.

To Apply

To get started, please go to the Clarity Application and create an account. The application typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete. The Clarity Application is also mobile-friendly so you can complete it from anywhere. You are also able to save your progress and return at any time. At the end of the application, there is a $60 fee to submit, and you can share your application with additional schools that accept the Clarity Application for no additional charge. Simply use the dropdown menu in the application to select those schools. 

Please note that Santa Fe Prep requires financial information from both custodial and non-custodial parents and for each stepparent, guardian, or adult wage earner living in the home. As part of the application in Clarity, the 1040 and W2 documents will be automatically transferred from the IRS. Additional tax documents may be required by Santa Fe Prep if the family owns a business and based on individual circumstances.

The deadline for completing the financial aid application, including relevant supplemental documents, is January 10, 2025, for returning families and January 24, 2025, for new families. 

If you need support during the process of completing your application, there is in-app support available through the “Help” button in the bottom left of the screen, as well as email and phone support at support@clarityapp.com or 206-210-3752, in both English and Spanish. The application itself is also fully translated into Spanish. You may also find answers to common questions on our FAQ page.


If paperwork is submitted by the deadlines listed above, new applicants will be notified of their tuition assistance decision on March 7, 2025.  Returning applicants will be notified on March 6, 2025.