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Outdoor Adventures at Santa Fe Prep

This past fall, our students immersed themselves in Outdoor Education experiences tailored to their grade levels, fostering teamwork and camaraderie. With over 26 captivating locations in Northern New Mexico, the adventures ranged from hiking and horseback riding to fly fishing, rock climbing, and guided historical tours. These camp-based activities were designed to challenge individuals personally, promoting growth and resilience.

As winter blanketed our surroundings, Middle School students embraced the Winter Wonder Days program at the Santa Fe Ski Basin. Skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing became avenues for self-discovery as students chose challenges that pushed their limits, expanding their outdoor horizons.

Over the President’s weekend in February, high school students seized the opportunity to conquer the slopes at Wolf Creek Ski Resort. Beyond the thrill of skiing daily, they took charge of menu planning, food preparation, and group cooking. Evenings were filled with collaborative team-building activities, reflective journaling, and engaging games.

Spring promises more exhilarating experiences as our seniors embark on a four-day rafting expedition along the Colorado River in Utah, fondly known as the “long goodbye.” Meanwhile, Middle School students will explore Ghost Ranch and the Rio Grande for their end-of-year outdoor adventures.

Prep’s Outdoor Education program is integral to our comprehensive approach to supporting student learning and growth. Programming not only provides exciting outdoor experiences but also plays a crucial role in nurturing the qualities of our Portrait of a Graduate as we guide our students through a journey of exploration and self-discovery.