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SFP COVID-19 Policy 2024

Student(s) or Faculty/Staff Diagnosis

  • If students are symptomatic, we ask them to test at home.  
  • If a student tests positive, they must stay home and isolate for five days from the day of the positive test. 
  • Please notify attendance@sfprep.org and rross@sfprep.org and report the diagnosis.
  • When a student returns to school, they must wear a mask through day 10 (For example, if day 6 is on a Saturday, the student will wear a mask until day 10, which would be a Wednesday.) 
  • Siblings of a COVID-19-positive student (or other family member) must be masked at school for the five days following the positive test results. The student needs to test if they develop symptoms.
  • Currently, CDC regulations do not allow a negative test to override the 5 & 5 protocol.
  • We will follow suit if and when CDC guidelines are changed and/or adapted to schools.

We thank you for your compliance with these protocols!