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Becoming Better Than Yesterday

That’s how one of our students summed up the Prep experience in four words when she was asked, “What does Prep mean to you?” In the short video (click on image above), you’ll hear the voices of Prep students like Ruby, Xavier, Logan, and Molly; the perspective and commitment offered by teachers like Drew Nucci; and the excitement in the voices of aspiring students at work and play on our beautiful 33-acre campus.

Life at Prep is full of movement and positive action, as the video captures. As rising junior Logan Luiz, one of our Malone Family Scholars, notes with pride: “Sometimes you just have to go for it–and here at Prep, you can do that.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the Prep experience, please click here for admissions information. You can also contact Director of Admissions Michael Multari or Associate Director Mary Little.