brad and student heart shades

Getting Better

We’re focusing our energy in these opening weeks on building capacity in the culture of Prep–around respect, shared trust, and high levels of engagement. Culture–the habits and practices that reflect what we value and believe–is the most important work we do, shaping the interactions that define each school day. In grade-level parent meetings, in individual classes, on camping trips at 100 Elk in Buena Vista, CO River (7th grade) and on the Brazos River (8th grade), and as sports teams start to compete, the special attributes of our school culture are revealed.

“What will you do better this year?” That’s the opportunity posted on the signboard out front as we embrace the tremendous opportunities available for all of us–teachers, students, parents–at Santa Fe Prep. We’re an aspiring school, eager to see potential made real in the classroom, on the field, in the studio, on the stage, and in the development of strong character.

What each of us chooses to do better this school year should be within our control, likely a process or action rather than an outcome. “Encouraging younger teammates to practice hard” on the volleyball court is important and achievable; “getting straight A’s in all my classes” is possible and even admirable, but it would be the result of habits (effort, organization) and cultivated talents that should be the focus.

It’s a big and important question. “What will you do better this year?” Each of us can find a path into that challenge.