Head of School Welcome

Whether you are a prospective student, a graduate of the school, a community member, or an educator—Welcome! We are proud to share Santa Fe Prep’s story with you and I am proud to begin my first year at Prep as Head of School. I sought out the chance to lead Santa Fe Prep because of the school’s unparalleled reputation and strong sense of community. The school has served aspiring youth in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico for over 55 years, delivering an outstanding education in this community.

This moment marks a time of great change and continuity both at Santa Fe Prep and throughout the nation and the world. During this time, the school stands by and invests in its traditional sources of strength—its people and the community that exists among them. Santa Fe Prep’s students are intelligent, individualistic, and interesting, and they value their community and look for ways to improve it. The alumni with whom I have met know what their Prep education has done for them and want to ensure that Prep’s core values and health are sustained. Current and past parents are knowledgeable, want the best for their students, and are deeply invested in partnering with the school. The faculty, Prep’s strongest resource, are intelligent and committed, care deeply about high-level academics, and challenge and support their students on a daily basis. The Board of Trustees impresses me with their strength, intelligence, and their knowledge of and love for this amazing school.

I am inspired—inspired to be part of the learning community that is Prep and to learn the traditions and values that I do not yet know.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to connecting with you.

Aaron SchubachHead of School

July, 2020