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The Parents’ Association Donates $135,000 To Our school!

The school year is over, and it’s time to celebrate months of hard work and fruitful explorations. Though the students are not the only ones who can bask now in the glow of their accomplishments—parents should, too!

Every parent is automatically a member of the PA, which exists to connect parents to the school community and enhance the strength and cohesion of Santa Fe Prep. Whether you bought tickets to Dancing with the Santa Fe Stars, donated to (or shopped at) the rummage sale, or voted for your favorite dancer this year, you were a part of the PA’s amazing ability to give $135,000 to our school through its two main events (this is $42,000 more than last year)—thank you!

Specifically the PA will give a whopping $100,000 to tuition assistance, $10,000 to the PA endowment at Prep, $20,000 to Breakthrough Santa Fe (double what it gave in 2016), and $5,000 to invest in the rummage sale and other school events for the kids.

The PA was led this year by the mighty Aline Harris-Ellis and Margaret Hennessey. We are also grateful to our PA Secretary, Kay Allison and our Treasurer, Mitch Koolpe. Our grade level reps were indispensable in uniting each grade (click here for a list of your reps), as were our hundreds of volunteers, and of course, Jill Gerber and Julie Murray, who ran our Rummage Sale, and Will Halm and Melinda Browning, who chaired our Dancing with the Stars event.

Happy Summer.
The Advancement Office