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By Youth For Youth: The Convergence Project

By Youth For Youth: The Convergence Project is a teen-run organization working to create opportunities and events for youth in the Santa Fe area—and a TAP project here at Prep. The events are designed, produced, promoted, and fundraised by teenage volunteers with the purpose of building community, providing creative spaces, and supporting high school artists, musicians, dancers, writers, and entrepreneurs.  

Visual Art
Starting with giving youths paint and pianos or walls as a canvas, the Convergence Project has aimed to give our community more opportunities to express themselves, and provide an audience for any subsequent art. To offer more opportunities and access for art making, the group hosts workshops in printmaking, drawing, and high-tech, computer-aided media such as laser cutters and 3-D printing.  In addition, the Convergence Project is committed to opening up more exhibition venues to young artists.

The Project is hard at work crafting new merchandise for purchase. All proceeds go to support future programming and expanding the scope of our outreach. Click here to learn more about some of our exciting new products.

Performing Arts
The performing arts aspect of the Convergence Project focuses on hosting affordable performing-arts-based events open to all youth. These events include an annual Oasis Festival (in conjunction with AMP Concerts) in the Railyard featuring performances by teenage artists opening for a professional headliner; Blacklight Parties in collaboration with Meow Wolf; as well as master dance classes with NDI. 

The Convergence Project wants to involve many young people from schools across schools Santa Fe. Teens interested in the program are welcome to reach out and collaborate with us. We are also looking for adult mentors, teachers, and other community organizations interested in participating. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or check out our website for upcoming opportunities.