Santa Fe Prep Tanzania Project

Five student leaders from the Santa Fe Prep Tanzania Project met with Dr. Jane Goodall on Sunday, February 25 before her presentation at the Lensic Performing Arts Center on current threats facing the planet and her five reasons for hope in these complex timesDr. Goodall recognized our students for their leadership in developing an eighth and tenth grade collaboration with teachers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania via her Roots & Shoots project.

The purpose of this collaboration is to help our students develop African studies across the eighth grade with Dan Murray inGlobal Studies and with the tenth grade in Russell Spinney’s World History 2 classes. Further goals include working together to develop collaborative research projects, potentially in oral history and in the sciences, and hopefully a future exchange program. The Prep group would also like to reach out and connect with any members of our larger community who also share an interest in Africa. Please contact Russell Spinney for more information.


Pictured:  Abigail Francis ’20, Hallie Weichsel ’20, Isadora Ungard ’20, and Parker Hailey ’20
Not pictured:  Hayden Colfax ’20, Piper Old ’20, and Bettina Broyles ’20
Photo Credit:  Douglas Merriam