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Understanding “The Other”

Beneath bluebird skies in our upper school quad on Friday morning, 57 members of the Class of 2018 celebrated their graduation from Santa Fe Prep. (You can catch the video of the ceremony here.) Our commencement speaker, Teresa Leger, suggested that growing up amid the diversity that is Santa Fe offers our students unusual opportunities to understand the other: “each of you has some aspect of ‘other’ within you, and that’s a gift.” (Rough paraphrase!)

The Doug Schwartz Class Speaker, Roxy Roffer ’18, riffed on various movie scripts that could be written about their shared high school experience but ended, “So yeah, I could come back one day and write a movie about my class’s high school experience, but I think the whole class of 2018 will agree that we prefer our high school years unscripted.” And in her valediction, Sydney Pope ’18 wisely noted, “You learn a lot when you run out of time, especially what you might do differently. Luckily, new paths await each of us.”

And so they do. Congratulations to the remarkable Class of 2018 and happy summer to all!

– Jim Leonard, Head of School