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Santa Fe Prep Arts

With this short video, we are so excited to throw open this window into our vibrant Performing and Visual Arts programs at Santa Fe Preparatory School. We are incredibly proud of our Arts Programs and their focus on discrete skill development. We pride ourselves in placing our art students at the best undergraduate art schools and programs in the nation like The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Parsons School of Design in New York City, and the Yale School of Drama.

But even more importantly, we are proud that our arts program develops students’ imaginations and agency regardless of their final trajectories. Through the arts, we learn to see what we had not noticed, to feel what we had not felt, and to develop imagination. Imagination, that form of thinking that engenders images of the possible, has a crucial cognitive function to perform. Imagination gives us the confidence to try things out. We know that a culture populated by people whose imagination is enriched has a dynamic future because in such a culture there will always be a sense of hope and possibility. Please enjoy finding out more about us and feel free to contact us about any details in our arts programs.

– Paula Castillo, Visual Arts Chair
– Brad Fairbanks, Performing Arts Chair