Record Number of Seniors Complete Internships

Daniel SIP

Forty-eight of Prep’s 56 seniors experienced the work world firsthand this semester, completing internships ranging from art gallery assistant to horse trainer during the last four weeks of school.

Seniors finish regular classes about a month before the end of their last semester, and choose either internships or seminars to complete the academic year.  According to Kendel Fesenmyer, Director of Studies, this is the largest number of seniors to choose an internship since the program was created in 2002.

The internships are designed to provide seniors the opportunity to explore in depth a passion, talent, or special area of interest while providing real-life experience.  Seminars are engaging, discussion-based classes that range in subject matter from robotics to psychology and the novel.  They are designed to provide a transition to the college experience.

“Ultimately, our students will be expected to put their education to work, to do something more or less useful.  Putting theory into practice is, to a large extent, what growing up is all about,” reflected Stephanie Schlanger, acting Head of School.