Prep Students Earn Top Scores on AP Exams

Prep students scored in the top percentiles across the board in the AP exams administered last spring.  Thirteen of the 15 students in Jay Shelton’s AP Calculus AB class scored a 5, the highest possible score; the average score was 4.733.  Statewide in 2009 (2010 data is not yet available), the average score was just 2.64 with only 16% earning the top score of 5.

Diane Catron’s AP biology students continued a tradition of high test scores with 11 of 15, or nearly 75%, scoring a 5 and the other four students posting a 4.  The average score was 4.733, compared to a statewide average of 2.38 and only 15% scoring a 5.

Fifty percent of the students in AP Spanish Language, under the tutelage of department chair Steve Machen, earned a 5, and the average for the class was 4.0.  The statewide average for 2009 was 3.54 and the national average 3.31.

In AP English Literature and Composition, for which we offer no associated AP course, we had 7 of 11 students taking the exam score either a 5 or a 4.  The average was 3.636, compared to 2.47 statewide.