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Prep “Mathlete” Wins in Albuquerque


Prep senior Ben Goldsmith earned the highest score of any competitor and came within one question of winning the $2,000 top prize at last week’s invitation-only competition, “Who Wants to be a Mathematician.”  Sponsored by the American Mathematical Society, the competition is modeled after the popular TV show, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”  Eight outstanding math enthusiasts from high schools around the state, including Albuquerque Academy, Los Alamos High, La Cueva and Prep, played two rounds of the game with four students competing in each round.  Ben dominated his round and went on to face a sophomore from Los Alamos in the final round.  Both Ben and his challenger played well, but neither answered the final question correctly so didn’t take home the prize money.  Some 25 Prep students and faculty were in the audience, cheering Ben on, and math teacher James Taylor served as Ben’s “lifeline.”