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Nepal Update 2016

Over Spring Break, Ms. Rae and her husband returned to Nepal, to reconnect with friends made on the 2014 Prep student trip; they trekked in the Himalaya and visited some of the villages affected by last year’s devastating earthquake.

In the two weeks immediately following the earthquake, Prep students raised over $2,000 to donate directly to families affected by the quake. Ms. Rae was able to see exactly where the money went, and was very impressed: medical clinics, community buildings, and temporary homes built to last 15 years with proper sanitation and access to clean water. Working with Narayan Shrestha, Director of Journeys Nepal and coordinator for their relief efforts, Ms. Rae and her husband helped distribute clothing to families in need and heard about their experiences and how their lives are slowly returning to normal.

“I have never been more proud of the Prep community than when I saw the impact our donations made on these families,” Ms. Rae said. Clean-up has largely been completed throughout the affected areas; restoration of temples and major structures is already underway; tourist areas were largely safe and unaffected; and Nepalis are optimistic about the future and eager for tourists to return to their country.

If you would like to learn more, or to donate to the ongoing relief efforts, please contact Coco Rae for more details at crae@sfprep.org.