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Neil Lyon

On every real estate transaction that Neil closes through Sotheby’s he makes a contribution to the tuition assistance program at Prep.  In January of 2009 Neil made a commitment to give back to his community consistently and, specifically, to focus this commitment on kids.

Neil started giving to United Way children’s program, then to the Santa Fe Community Foundation.  In 2012 he decided to give to Prep, hoping to help as many kids get a Prep education as possible.

Neil and his wife, Cindy, have two children—Victoria ’09, and Jake ’13.  While they are very different kids, Neil said Victoria, who is now at the University of Richmond, developed great critical thinking and writing skills at Prep and that Jake is thriving in his senior year here, excited for his next adventure at Dartmouth this fall.  Neil said, “The pay off to my kids from attending Prep has been significant. There are so many children who would have a great fit with Prep, and we need to get those kids and their families here.”

Neil continued, “For those of us who are in a business of production, it’s easy to give money upon the sale of each widget…the more widgets you sell, the more of a difference you make.  It’s painless.”

Neil, we thank you for your commitment to kids and for helping us expand the accessiblity of a Prep education!