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Looking Forward: From Aaron Schubach

Congratulations to the class of 2020! The Project 2020 video and various tributes to Jim showed your resilience, sense of activism, and humor. It has been a pleasure to celebrate with you from afar, and it is clear you will continue to “let it grow” in the future. The Sass/Schubach family would like to add our gratitude to Jim Leonard and Santa Fe Prep’s Board of Trustees for the generous and collaborative way they have welcomed and supported us. As we all know, Jim exudes integrity, expertise, and the deepest love of Santa Fe Prep. Congratulations, Jim, and thank you.

Prep’s unofficial motto of Semper Gumby is well-chosen and enduringly appropriate. When it was announced in the late fall that I would succeed Jim as Head of School at Prep, I knew my personal world was going to change, but no one knew that the larger world and the field of education were going to change so considerably. Anna and I were drawn by Prep’s community spirit and its unflagging commitment to being a private school with a public purpose, and these two features defined an unexpected spring.

As the end-of-year celebrations have drawn to a close, we have turned our attention to planning for August: The Santa Fe Prep Leadership Team, with input from Jim and me, has been reflecting upon our distance learning model and planning the best way to deliver our mission and maximize safety in light of the COVID-19 public health crisis and emerging guidelines from local and national health authorities.


  • We will be ready to implement health and safety practices for employees and students when we physically return to campus.
  • We are researching and designing schedule innovations that would allow us to reopen with social distancing.
  • You should expect to receive regular communication and updates on unfolding plans by mid-July.

Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to the chance to meet you in person (or through a phone call or video chat) later this summer and throughout next school year.

– Aaron Schubach