John Warmath ’09

John Warmath ’09, along with younger brother Baker, has set out to make sustainable transportation available in Santa Fe. Here is what John has to say:

“While studying economics at Vanderbilt, I thought very hard about what I wanted to do with my life after school. I decided that achieving a sustainable energy future for our planet is the most important thing that I could be working on. I think it was too many experiences at the DMV, and daily doses of Nashville traffic, that led me to focus on transportation. That, and I thought that everyone should have a Tesla. With a background in economics, it seemed problematic to me that our cars are, on average, our second largest expenditure every year, and yet, they sit around doing nothing roughly 95% of their lives.

With that in mind, my brother and I and took my father’s Tesla Model S to Nashville and used it to drive for Uber for ten months. During that time, we decided to start a company called Bolt to offer zero-emission transportation on-demand.

Our long term goal is to perfect the way we get around by offering shared, electric, and (eventually) autonomous mobility in urban areas at a cost far lower than car ownership. Today, in our early stages, we give you a simple way to choose sustainable transportation by offering zero-emission rides in our Tesla vehicles from our mobile app.”

Best of luck to the Warmath brothers in their new eco-friendly endeavor!