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Jesse Roach ’90 and Adelma (Roach) Hnasko ’92

We give a big thank you to brother and sister alums, Jesse and Adelma, who have been supporting Santa Fe Prep every year for more than 10 years. We are grateful to them and to all our donors and volunteers whose annual donations and time make our community the incredible one it is today. A few words from Jesse and Adelma are below, along with the degrees they pursued after graduation from Prep, and why they give back.

Jesse Roach: “I am a proud alum, and I try to give a little to Prep every year. I couldn’t have gone to Prep without the financial assistance I received, so I am slowly trying to pay back a little of that gift so the opportunity of Prep can continue to be accessed by students whose families need a little help to make it work.”

Stanford: B.S. Civil Engineering ’95, B.S. Biology ’95; M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering ’97. Arizona: Ph.D. Hydrology & Water Resources ’07.

Adelma Hnasko: “I’m so grateful to Santa Fe Prep for all the school cultivated in me, from critical thinking and writing skills, to curiosity and passion for learning — artistically, academically, and athletically. My years at Prep were so rich across such a broad spectrum of educational settings and subjects, and I see now how much of my character — and my capacities — were developed during my time at Prep. I never could have attended the school had it not been for the tuition assistance that Prep provided me. I contribute to Prep each year as a way of giving back — and saying thank you — to the school that was so generous to me.”

Stanford: B.A. Cultural Anthropology, ’96; M.A. Education, ’97.