Author George Saunders Visits Prep

Award-winning writer and MacArthur Fellow George Saunders visited Prep recently courtesy of the Lannan Foundation. Saunders met with the entire junior class and Jim Leonard’s senior English class in the auditorium for an hour-long student-directed Q&A.

The juniors had been studying Saunders’ first book, “CivilWarland in Bad Decline,” and had myriad questions about Saunders’ inspiration, early years as a writer, and specific craft issues in the stories. Saunders was so impressed that later that evening at the Lensic, he compared the Prep students to “juniors and seniors in college.”

At the evening event, Saunders was introduced and interviewed by Deputy Editor of The New York Times Magazine Joel Lovell. Lovell visited Rob Wilder’s upper school Creative Writing class the next day to discuss journalism and the role of the editor with students from all grade levels. Lovell generously answered questions and detailed his life as an editor for Harper’s, GQ, and The New York Times.