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Dynamic Energy

We’ve had a tremendous first semester this year, by any measure–and our commitment is to both deepen and expand the impact of our program . . . on every student we serve, and as a school on the broader community. Here’s the equation for the dynamic energy in a moving object, the precursor to impact:

E = 1/2 m v2
E = the dynamic energy, m = the mass of the object, and v = velocity

We see this dynamic energy at work in so many ways, on so many days. This semester saw the first “home” Speech and Debate Tournament, a Chess Tournament of over 100 players (and a Mayor’s Trophy for the top student chess player in the City), a State Championship for the Boys’ Soccer Team, a Middle School Girls’ Basketball team of fifteen 7th and 8th graders, a singer named to the All-State Chorus . . . and on it goes. We’re building the “mass” of Prep through engagement; we’ve increased the “velocity” by expanding programs and aiming just a little bit higher.

At Arts Night in mid-December, Katie Broyles ’15 challenged the enthusiasts to think about how we define art and “who can call herself an artist.” Her argument was convincing: “If you are doing art every day–just as an athlete might practice soccer every day–then you are an artist, just as he is a soccer player.

Blessed at Santa Fe Prep with students of so many and varied talents–studere, the Latin root, means “to be eager about”–we should all take a moment to celebrate accomplishments large and small and embrace this opportunity for rest and reflection. Wishing you a meaningful and memorable holiday season.