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Day Y At The Roundhouse

DAY Y is an important day every year for youth at the state capital. Students learn directly about the political process here in New Mexico and share their voices by serving as delegates at the Roundhouse. Delegates observe legislators on the House and Senate floors, participate in a panel discussion with a select group of legislators, and observe a press conference. They also participate in the “March of Sorrow,” a youth demonstration that supports stronger drinking and driving laws and consequences. This march was inspired by the loss of Santa Fe Prep studentsKate Klein ’10 and Alyssa Trouw ’10 to a drunk driver. 
Many thanks to the following people and groups for making this year’s DAY Y another great success: Lisa Nordstrum for organizing and chaperoning the middle school delegation; Claire Romero, Becky Anderson, Nick Wirth and Julia Abbiss for chaperoning the upper school students; the Peer Mentors for helping organize a successful, interactive table on sexual assault, including a slide show, pledge, and visual representation of local experiences; the Art In The Social Sphere class and Hannah Sachs ’13 for making three powerful visual boxes where students read poetry about sexual assault; and to all the students who participated in the event!