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Congratulations, Speech and Debate!

By Thomas Cork, Speech and Debate Coach

I would like to offer congratulations to the ten members who attended the Los Alamos tournament this past weekend: Harsh Bhundiya, Jeff Fullerton, Amanda Jacobs, Isabelle Koolpe, Gina Maran, Isabelle Ruesch, Aaron Stevens, Conor Sullivan, Jules Wheaton, and Colin Wilburn.

For some, it was a first try at an event, which takes immense bravery and composure. For others, intense preparation and skill put them up against well-matched competitors (from 7 other schools) who gave them a run for their money. After two 12-hour days of debates, extemporaneous speeches, monologues, and scenes, we had a great showing for our first big tournament of the year:

  • Gina Maran, with her comedic monologue “Girls,” made it to the final round of Humorous Interpretation.
  • Jeff Fullerton, Aaron Stevens, and Conor Sullivan made it to the final round of International Extemporaneous Speech. Conor won 1st place in the event.
  • Conor Sullivan also did very well in two other events: he held the floor as a presiding officer in the opening Congressional sessions, making it to the “Super Congress” in the afternoon and winning 2nd place. Not only did he make it to Lincoln-Douglas semi-finals for the first time, but he was also given 1st place, staunchly debating against a competitor from East Mountain HS with a very solid argument.

Ultra praise to those who stepped out on a limb and did something new:

  • Jeff Fullerton: International Extemp, Novice Lincoln-Douglas
  • Amanda Jacobs: Congress, Dramatic Interp, Duet Improv, Public Forum
  • Emma Koolpe: Congress, Duet Improv
  • Isabelle Ruesch: Congress, Duet Improv, Novice Lincoln-Douglas
  • Jules Wheaton: Humorous Interp
  • Colin Wilburn: Duet Improv, Public Forum

Congratulations for all of your hard work in Los Alamos!