College Counseling Case Studies

18 college reps visited Prep last month for our 2nd Annual Case Studies Event. Prep juniors worked in small groups with these admissions officers to evaluate real applications and to pull back the curtain on this mysterious process. Later, reps revealed the identity of their schools and explained what parts of the application they prioritize. The colleges represented were public, private, large, small, and from all over the country: Duke, NYU, UNM, Colorado State, Whitman, Carlton, Colorado College, Kenyon, Trinity University, George Washington, Tufts, and Macalester, to name a few. It was an excellent way to provide some perspective on the importance of transcripts and essays, and demonstrate how a student is a good fit. The representative complimented our students on being the best prepared group they had ever worked with in a Case Studies Program. Go, class of 2016! You are on your way.