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Changing Households, Changing Communities

This past spring, Eliza Harrison ’15 launched a climate protection project with support from the Kindle Project, a Santa Fe-based non-profit. Her project, Changing Households, Changing Communities (CHCC), is an energy conservation initiative that tests whether people’s behavior and decisions regarding energy use and energy saving can be measurably affected by monitoring.

In the pilot phase of the study, Eliza will be monitoring electrical use in 28 homes and two Santa Fe-based institutions–one of which will be Santa Fe Prep–over a period of five months.  After installing monitors in each of the sites, Eliza will track their energy use  on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis (i.e., September 2013 compared with September 2014).

To ensure the project’s best opportunity for success, Eliza has committed more than 40 hours to the task of creating a website and launching a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign.  Eliza is working to raise $3,000 to finance the acquisition and installation of the energy monitors.  The campaign will run for 21 days (ending on August 5th, 2014).

You can contact Eliza at eharrison@sfprep.org for information on her project.