A Year In TAP

It is worth pausing on the fact that as a school we make a considerable contribution to this community and beyond. As a school we exceed 15,000 hours of dedicated service each year; we worked with nearly 100 different organizations and agencies this school year alone.

Prep is an active school. Students have many significant requirements both in the classroom and beyond, teachers have tremendous workloads, and yet through it all, each week we carve out two hours to help others and to understand ourselves better.

What we do out in the Santa Fe Community each week matters. It is sometimes tempting to think that our small individual efforts don’t amount to much. But from where I sit, I can see the big picture. Though it is hard to see sometimes, in aggregate, we make real difference to many people and many organizations. We are very fortunate to have what we have—to live in relative safety and comfort, with tremendous opportunities. With humility we learn so much from those we serve each year.

Please click here for a slideshow of our students serving in TAP during this year.

With gratitude,
Eric Rounds, Director of Service & Environmental Learning