A Scene From Prep

Dear Prep families, near and far:

Likely I overstepped the other day by asking our youngest daughter Campbell, a senior at Prep, whether I might share the attached video with you all. She said (trooper!) “I’d be honored.”

Campbell and I and 18 of her classmates have shared an English class this semester. Her speech, delivered remotely from her bedroom last week, was the final assignment for our class. We’ve worked on public speaking for months, imagining until a few weeks ago that we would gather in Room 19 and speeches would be delivered from the podium.

And then.

Seniors were charged with creating a 5-minute video in response to one of several prompts, including:
For whom am I responsible?
What makes me persevere?
In 20 years, I expect to see . . .
Here’s what’s on my mind in this time of COVID-19.

If you have the bandwidth to watch Campbell’s speech, please consider this just one example of how teachers and students have flexed to sustain purpose and meaning across uncharted terrain. I trust that for many of you graduates, Campbell’s realization that “the veins of my childhood run through this city” will resonate—wherever this finds you.

My hope is to affirm for all connected to Prep that the resiliency of our community across the challenges of COVID-19 has been . . . remarkable, often breathtaking. A senior who has modified her internship (now remote) to compile a cookbook with at least a dozen of her grandmother’s recipes, and accompanying stories, through phone calls every few days. A Griffinradio podcast launched by our Science Chair and featuring original music by students. An 8th grader sewing facemasks at home and donating half of the proceeds to the Santa Fe Dreamers Project. And so much more.

I hope all of you are safe and finding purpose across the challenging landscape before you. Thank you for your continued purchase in the robust community of Santa Fe Prep.

All best wishes,
Jim Leonard, Head of School


A Scene From Prep from Santa Fe Prep on Vimeo.