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Quincy Brave Conway Scholarship

This Summer, do something you thought was impossible!

The Quincy Brave Conway Scholarship is awarded to a Santa Fe Prep or Breakthrough-Santa Fe Sophomore or Junior with a financial need to support the pursuit of a personal passion. Previous recipients have used funds to sing with a choir in Cathedrals of Ireland, take an epic journey across Tanzania, complete Doula Trainings, and more!

You can apply for the $2,500 award and have a summer of your own!

The Spirit of the Award

Quincy died just before his senior year (Santa Fe Prep’s Class of 2017).  A National Merit Semifinalist, nationally ranked rock climber, fervent physicist, and lover of all things free and wild, Quincy had a passion that was infectious. His family and friends would like to help other like-minded students follow their passions.

The Quincy Brave Conway Scholarship is a monetary award presented to a Santa Fe Prep or Breakthrough Santa Fe Sophomore or Junior to support the pursuit of a personal passion.

A stipend of not less than $2,000 will be awarded to a hard-working scholar with financial need, to be used during the summer directly following the award distribution.

In the spirit of the award, applicants are encouraged to think outside the box to develop an experience unique to his or her passion.  Applicants should demonstrate the following:

  • A desire to expand intellectual, cultural, artistic, spiritual, or emotional horizons
  • A clearly articulated and ambitious idea—Be Brave!
  • An itinerary, description, and budget of how the money will be used
  • Current enrollment as a Breakthrough-Santa Fe student or Santa Fe Prep tuition assistance recipient

This scholarship is made possible through the generosity of those who loved and were touched by Quincy’s enthusiasm and who seek to kindle that spirit of curiosity and wonder in the next generation of explorers.

Click here to apply: Quincy Brave Conway Scholarship Student Application 

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Be Brave.