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2022 Prep Profiles

Joaquin Bas

Class of 2022


Math, Renewable Energy, Speech and Debate

Free Time

Writing essays, taking things apart, pull-ups, Wikipedia surfing

My Hero

Richard Feynman—for his equal and indefatigable commitment to knowledge, science, mischief, and fun

What I Live For

The thrill of discovery and exploration. The chance to innovate
Someone saying, “This is hard; it can’t be done.”

My Quote

I get up every morning thinking about how to not be a waste of oxygen.

Where I'm Headed

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Caroline Moore

Class of 2022


Horses, Sewing, Golf

Class at Prep That Changed Me

Maker Space, a STEM class where projects are the focus—the structure of the class helped me learn to feel comfortable with failure

Things that Make Me Smile

Seeing a butterfly on a hike
Serving an ace in volleyball
Sonic drive-thrus

Brush With Greatness

Meeting RBG in 2016—she was a fearless leader in a male-dominated profession and an inspiration as I pursue a career in engineering

Where I'm Headed

Dartmouth College

Fisher Hirsch

Class of 2022


Filmmaking, Guitar, Surfing

Favorite Read

A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold–helped me better understand the importance of preserving nature and sparked my passion for environmental literature

Things that Make Me Smile

Being all alone at twilight on a golf course
Blasting music while driving early in the morning
Setting the fly line and reeling in a trout

Favorite Place

My roof–watching the sun fall behind the Jemez Mountains during Magic Hour

Dream for Self

To make adventure documentaries in places I’ve never been

Where I'm Headed

Wesleyan University

Marina Garcia

Class of 2022


Model UN, Colcha Embroidery, Soccer

Recent Expedition

A sunrise hike up Sun Mountain

Greatest Moment

Winning the State Speech and Debate tournament in Policy Debate

Things that Make Me Smile

Driving under tree tunnels
Church bells from the Carmelite monastery near Prep
Picking apricots at my grandma’s house

Community Involvement

NM Historic Women Marker Initiative–I help research and write biographies that document important women in New Mexico history

Where I'm Headed

Saint Mary’s College of California

Brad Fairbanks



Drumming, biking, working on my 1958 Corvette

Favorite Read

Mike Nichols’ autobiography—his experience and knowledge of both acting and directing is invaluable to me

Things that Make Me Smile

Visits from alumni
Opening night of our shows at Prep
Laughing with my students

My Hero

My dad—because of his passion for life, sense of humor, the emphasis he placed on education, and of course, his love for his family

Claim to Fame

Directing over 40 theater productions at Prep