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People of Color Conference and Student Diversity

In early December, Prep sent two faculty (Leslie Hale and Claire Romero) and four students (Noah Duran ‘18, Jared Lucero ‘16, Jaelene Tapia ‘17, and Jasmine Alvarado ‘17) to a very important conference sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS): the People of Color Conference for adult educators and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference for students.This conference provides education on some of the issues faculty and students of color grapple with in independent schools.

Before going, I had no idea what to expect, but going through the activities, speeches, and various other events, we talked about things everyone can relate to no matter who the individual is. What really grabbed me is finding out how much I can relate to all these students who came from schools all over the nation. To see how much alike we all are, and how we can all help one another. – Jared Lucero, ‘16

SDLC was a very unique experience. I have never learned so much in just two days. My eyes are now open…we were taught how coexistence works and is possible, how to speak up, and how to be an ally. I’ve made friendships with people from around the country, many of whom have participated in some of the biggest, most recent protests such as ‘Millions March NYC’. This experience has inspired me to try to pursue social justice in our school and the larger community. – Noah Duran, ‘18

I cannot even began to explain how valuable it was for my son’s growth, awareness of his own cultural importance/difference and his new connection with students from all over of the country. – Parent of an SDLC Participant