Opening School Fall 2020

The Prep leadership team and faculty have developed three possible modes, each of which is designed to offer high quality academic and social experiences and appropriately respond to local health circumstances as they evolve. We are currently in mode 3 (online). We are committed to keeping the intellectual and emotional core of Prep alive and well, and commit to welcoming students back to Prep’s campus under clear and safe protocols, when allowed to do so.

Governor Lujan Grisham’s Public Health Order regulates independent schools as private businesses (with 25% room occupancy capacity). It is important to note that the Governor’s Health Order and NMPED guidances allow for public and charter elementary schools to submit hybrid plans, if they are within a school district that has not already canceled in-person instruction through Quarter 1 (Santa Fe, Los  Alamos, and Las Vegas) or through the end of the first semester (Albuquerque Public Schools). 

We have been in conversation with officials in the Governor’s office and the New Mexico Public Education Department in order to share the extensive details of our hybrid plan and receive feedback. It is our hope that there will be a path for Santa Fe Prep (and other private/independent schools) to reopen in a 50% capacity or 6 foot physically distanced model in the future. 

Stay tuned for communications on bringing small groups to campus for Day Pausa programming (beginning the week of September 14th). Additionally, we are beginning a limited restart of our after school programs (Golf, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Drama).

We thank you for your partnership and support.

The Three Modes

All Students Socially Distanced On Campus
This model meets or exceeds the clear practices established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED), and it allows for all students to be on campus five days a week. It will utilize some alternative indoor and outdoor spaces (including several large tents) on our expansive campus. In implementing this plan, we will adhere to the SFP Health and Safety Measures and Responsible Health Practice Charter (explained below), and large groups will be avoided. The Health and Safe Measures document summarizes the many ways we can educate our community and control our school environment to follow best practices.

In this model, separate cohorts of students will alternate between a week of on-campus instruction and a week of online instruction. Shifting modes each week has several advantages; the weekend adds more time for a deep cleaning (in addition to our daily cleanings) between each cohort group shift. The additional time that the campus remains untouched over the weekend decreases the risk of surface transmission. Also, having half of the student body off-campus in blocks of 9 days (5 school days bookended by 2 weekends) in any given cycle helps us limit the risks of exposure if a student were to become symptomatic during their off-campus week.

Fully Remote
This mode, employed if ordered by the Governor’s office, will show significant evolution from the excellent work of the last spring. Prep faculty have been working diligently over the summer to research best practices in online education through Global Online Academy and the Malone Schools Online Network. These classes emphasize engaged discourse and community building and therefore resonate with Prep’s strong expectations and traditions in the classroom. As previously mentioned, we have a working group of faculty to plan innovative ways we create community and evolve signature programs like TAP and Visual and Performing Arts to meet the challenge of the current moment. Additionally, we have invested in several new technology platforms that will offer a very robust and interactive online experience, should they be necessary to use.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Head of School Aaron Schubach if you have a specific question or you would like to share information. We value our community and we look forward to connecting with and supporting our students this year.


September 21
Week B of Hybrid Schedule

Monday, September 28
Yom Kippur, No School

Tuesday, September 29
Week B Monday Schedule

Wednesday, September 930
Week B Tuesday Schedule

Thursday, October 1 
Week B Thursday Schedule

Friday, September 2
Week B Friday Schedule



Tuesday, September 2
3:45pm  SAT Health & Safety Protocols

Wednesday, September 23
8:00am-12:00pm  SAT Testing

Wednesday, September 23
9:00am-10:15pm  7th Advisory Games

Wednesday, September 23
10:30am-11:45pm  8th Advisory Games

Saturday, September 26
9:00am-12:00pm  Parent Open House

(Check Email for Zoom Info)